After three experiences in the past, we will be celebrating the IV Encounter of Young Ambassadors of World Heritage Cities in Rhodes (Greece), as a project approved and included in the agreements of the Regional Secretariat of South Europe and Mediterranean Sea of the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC).

With this IV Encounter, this project of Young Ambassadors has shown to be a good practice that highlights young people’s awareness of their cultural heritage and values and how they deal with current challenges of our World Heritage Cities, bringing a new perception and perspective of those who are meant to be the future managers, citizens, eventual stakeholders of our cities.

In this occasion, the initiative is aimed to gather young representatives of the participant cities around a common topic: Québec Roadmap, which establishes the general operational framework for an exploration and experimentation phase which began on November 1, 2022. Composed of three steps, it proposes a process of collective effort which introduces and strengthens the concept of learning through actions.

We really expect our participants, along with the expert support of the technicians of their cities, to show once more, not only what their cities’ heritage values are but also the ability of our Young Ambassadors to work together in the dissemination,  communication, preservation and committed acknowledge of our rich cultural and historic heritage.

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