The best moments – VIDEO

Remember the best moments of this encounter: presentations performed by each ambassador, working sessions, visiting places and lunch & dinners together to discover and find solutions for the topic 2019: Heritage and tourism: local communities andContinue reading

Conclusions – VIDEO

What are the conclusions that our ambassadors and their local representatives learnt in this encounter? All of them were talking in front of the camera in order to explain what the encounter has brought them,Continue reading

Farewell lunch

After visiting the Archaeological Museum and saying goodbye to the first members of the expedition who had to leave early, the remaining group of Young Ambassadors and experts got together for a shared farewell lunch.Continue reading

Our second day came to an end!

It was a really intense and fruitful day, as we anticipated yesterday. After visiting the immensity of Ibiza’s fortified city we needed to talk about what had happened during the day. We thought the bestContinue reading

A toast to World Heritage!

It was time to stop for lunch but after such an intense morning it was difficult for the whole group to turn their minds off their first working session. Their conversations revolved about what theyContinue reading

Sharing their first dinner together!

After the first round of presentations, all participants in the Second Meeting of Young Ambassadors of World Heritage Cities enjoyed some free time around Ibiza town. After a busy first day, they all head toContinue reading

Here we are again!

The Second Meeting of Young World Heritage Ambassadors is already in full swing in Ibiza. The group started their day with a welcome lunch, as more and more members were arriving to the island. ThisContinue reading

Official Opening

The group had their first contact with one of Ibiza’s main World Heritage Sites: Dalt Vila, Ibiza’s Old Town. After a short walk through the cobbled streets inside Ibiza’s walled city, they entered the chapterhouseContinue reading

Ibiza, biodiversity and culture

 IBIZA, REFERENCIA HISTÓRICA: El 4 de diciembre de 1999, la UNESCO inscribió la categoría Eivissa, Biodiversidad y Cultura dentro del conjunto de Patrimonio de la Humanidad. De esta forma, las Pitiüses pasaron a formar parte de esteContinue reading

How to get there

 Como llegar desde el aeropuerto de Ibiza al centro de la ciudad A Ibiza se puede acceder por vía marítima o aérea. Ibiza tiene su aeropuerto situado en la zona sur de la isla, enContinue reading