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Marrakech, MA

Marrakech, a city of rich history and cultural significance, unfolds its captivating urban tapestry through a blend of ancient traditions and modern vibrancy. At its core lies the UNESCO-listed medina, a labyrinth of narrow alleysContinue reading

Strasbourg, FR

An outstanding urban heritage: The blended influences of Grande-Île and the Neustadt Strasbourg bears witness to the many influences that have changed the shape of the city over the ages, from the original Roman camp,Continue reading

Segovia, ES

Segovia: Where Timeless Beauty Meets Enduring Heritage Segovia, nestled in the heart of Spain, boasts a rich tapestry of history, architecture, and culture that has earned it the esteemed title of a UNESCO World HeritageContinue reading

Porto, PT

Porto is shaped by its people – some remain, others live in memories through some of the city´s symbols. This space has always been home to endless people. It embraces those who practiced their faithContinue reading

Mostar, BA

«The historic town of Mostar is spanning in a deep valley of the Neretva River, developed in the 15th and 16th centuries as an Ottoman frontier town and during the Austro-Hungarian period in the 19thContinue reading

Baeza, ES

July 3, 2003, is one of the most important dates in the recent history of Baeza. UNESCO declared the city, together with Úbeda, a World Heritage Site thanks to its Renaissance monumental complex. The perimeterContinue reading

Aranjuez, ES

The city of Aranjuez is located in the south of the Community of Madrid, in a fertile area where nature and human activity have worked in harmony for centuries. The Cultural Landscape of Aranjuez comprisesContinue reading

Évora, PT

Évora’s history reflects its name, echoing memories of its Celtic roots and ancient regional landmarks. Situated at a strategic crossroads in the Alentejo plain, Évora has been a pivotal hub for trade routes connecting Portugal’sContinue reading

Vienna, AT

Time travel in Vienna: three eras shape the face of Vienna’s historic centre Vienna’s historic center, in its unity, is considered one of the most beautiful city landmarks in Europe and was inscribed on theContinue reading

Córdoba, ES

Córdoba is located in the south of Spain in Andalucía. As we can see in the picture below Córdoba is an inland city which means that it does not have a beach. The climate isContinue reading