Eugene Jo’s Presentation (ICCROM)

Eugene Jo, Programme Manager, ICCROM-IUCN World Heritage Leadership programme

Eugene has been coordinating the World Heritage Leadership programme between ICCROM and IUCN since 2017, based in Rome, Italy. WHL is a capacity building programme aiming to improve management practices by interlinking culture and nature while taking people-centred approaches. The programme focuses on areas of effective management, building resilience and conducting impact assessments. She has coordinated and co-authored titles in the World Heritage Resource Manuals such as the Guidance and Toolkit on Impact Assessments in a World Heritage Context (2022), Enhancing our Heritage Toolkit 2.0 – Assessing Management Effectiveness of World Heritage Properties and Other Heritage Places (2023), and Managing World Heritage (Forthcoming).

Eugene holds a BA in Korean History, an MA in Cultural Heritage Studies, and is completing her PhD in World Heritage Studies. She was the national focal point for World Heritage in Korea for nine years, and an independent researcher prior to her work at ICCROM. She participated in World Heritage processes that cover diverse cultural and natural sites, such as archaeological sites, living historic villages, architectural complexes, geological sites of volcanic and paleontological evidence, and marine biodiversity sites. She served as the rapporteur for the World Heritage Convention General Assembly in 2011, and also as rapporteur of the World Heritage Committee in 2016.

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