Ambassador of Córdoba

Ambassador from CórdobaHey Everyone, Excited to be an Ambassador!

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m officially an Ambassador here!

A little bit about me:

  • Aspiring tourism business manager! As a soon-to-be graduate (next year!) with a focus on tourism business, I’m passionate about making cities and destinations thrive through sustainable and responsible tourism practices.
  • My dream is to help communities leverage their heritage and unique offerings to create unforgettable experiences for visitors, while ensuring the quality of life for residents and that the benefits reach everyone.
  • When I’m not hitting the books or refining my tourism knowledge, you can find me collaborating with sports events or hitting the court myself – tennis is my happy place!

I’m excited to be part of this community and share my experiences with everyone. I believe in promoting travel that fosters cultural exchange and community well-being, and I’m confident our meeting in Rhodes can help us achieve that goal.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts where I’ll be sharing insights on sustainable tourism practices, destination management tips, and other types of content we will work on during our stay.

Feel free to reach out and connect with me in the comments below!

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