Ambassador of Segovia

Carla Doyágüez Pérez- Segovia

With 22 years old, Carla is the ambassador representing the city of Segovia at this 4th OWHC young ambassadors meeting.

Currently, Carla is a dedicated student of Advertising, Public Relations and Tourism, in the city of Segovia, at the University of Valladolid, combining their creative flair with a strategic mindset.
Moreover, Carla broadened her horizons through an enriching Erasmus experience at the South East Technological University in Waterford, Ireland. During her nine-month stay, she immersed herself in a new culture, expanded her academic perspectives, and forged international connections, further enhancing the global outlook and cross-cultural competencies.

Furthermore, Carla is actively engaged in fostering international relations and cultural exchange. As a recipient of the International Relations scholarship at the University of Valladolid, she serves as a liaison between diverse communities, promoting cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

Complementing her studies, Carla gained practical experience through an internship at the Segovia Tourism Office. This hands-on opportunity allowed her to apply the knowledge of marketing and tourism strategies in a real-world setting, demonstrating the enthusiasm for the industry and her potential for professional growth.

As she continue to expand her horizons and pursue her passions, Carla remains committed to making meaningful contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, tourism, and cultural exchange.